Elliott Ranney


                                            An Aging Sailor's Dream:
A collection of Elliott's earliest work, includes compositions from his life as a Midwestern teen who joined the Navy to see the world, only to find his bliss back in St. Louis, growing a family with Ellen Claire and sons. His love of music is celebrated in a variety of song styles ranging from folk to jazz.  Family and friends come together in this collection to bring a homespun quality to this first endeavor by the artist.

This recording is currently licensed by Wildstone Media for re-release to the Japanese label Rip Curl Records through Inpartmaint, llc, for the ever growing Asian entertainment market.

A Good Life - title proposed by Ellen Claire (wife)  it's form became a description of how we are in tune to the ever cyclical flow of the seasons.
Prelude/ Together - I was inspired by Stephen Bishop's prelude on 'Save It For A Rainy Day' on his first album and have been writing preludes ever since.  Ellen wrote with the lyric and vocal melody on Together, it has the ring of a classic jazz standard.
Sailing Through - lyric about taking time from the world. Took the least time to write music and lyric, yet it is one of the more difficult tunes I play. This song was chosen to be part of a sound track of a film yet to be released by Neo Pangea - Townies.
Ellen Claire - this tune is how I see my wife in musical form. Her brother, Tom Murphy plays lead guitar and mandolin, a beautifully performed song.
I Still Remember You - music written on the weekend of my 10 year high school reunion - Kirkwood High, class of '71.  Lyric about saying goodbye to failed past loves, and moving on with life
Becoming The Sun - the first song I wrote for my duo, Panacea, featuring Pat Rodriguez on Latin percussion.  We began playing music together in 1982.  My first attempt at writing a Bossa.
Innervoice - an instrumental musically explaining why I wanted to become a recording artist.
St. Louis In One More Day - a Tom Waits inspired tune, 'Night Hawks At The Diner,' is still my overall favorite album of his and has inspired four additional compositions.  This tune is the closing song for my shows.
What Am I To Do? - written about a recurring dream.
Norah - Ellen & I lost a child in the first trimester, we fell in love with the name and this song helped our grief.
An Aging Sailor's Dream - I wrote this song while serving as a cook/baker in the navy, during the last years of the Vietnam conflict.  The final lyric was written a few years after my enlistment was up. A more romantic view of being out at sea.

                                                                               Bellevue Shuffle

Bellevue Shuffle:I found this tune sitting on the couch spacing out in front of the TV one evening, noodling on the guitar.  Was playing a song from my first album – Aging Sailor’s Dream, and began playing the progression backwards, a major 9 to minor 9, found the groove in the shuffle mode and the melody quickly followed. This is the sound track I hear walking down my street.
Prelude: Music Box in A: In many of my tunes, I’ve stumbled onto a new chord voicing and this song is no exception.  I was playing the James Taylor song, 'Secret ‘O Life,' arppegiating the first chord, one of my fingers fell onto an adjacent string and heard a new voicing.  The song took off.

Curve Of Her Smile: A nod to Michael Franks & Jobim. A passionate affair amid the sights and sounds of Brazil.
Blues for Pop: One of my first jazz compositions inspired by Thelonious Monk, written in the mid 1980’s.  Came up with the intro (head/outro), while vacationing at the family cabin in northern Minnesota. This composition was written for my grandfather, Ivan Taylor (Pop) Elliott.
Antonio’s Guitar:  A nod to Antonio Carlos Jobim.
Without You: My wife, Ellen Claire wrote the lyric and vocal melody after losing a close friend.
Walter, Donald & The Steely Sedan: A nod to my all time favorite songwriting duo.
Prelude: To The Night: I dig short pieces of music that seem to have their own life force.  I guess I could have put more time into it, but felt it was all I wanted to say.
The Way I Feel Tonight: The lyric is an attempt, in the style of a singer/songwriter Ellen Claire enjoys.
Zephyr Hills:  I view this as an exercise/experiment, written when living in our first house in Maplewood, MO., circa 1986.
Tom Waits for No One/Too Beat to Bop:  The G13 voicing bonds this tune together, two separate pieces (two different keys) influenced by Tom Waits album: Night Hawks at the Diner.  'Night Hawk Post Cards (from Easy Street),' being the catalyst.
Island Breeze:  This is a long form Bossa tune
Payoff Kiss: Another Tom Waits (music) inspired piece.  I found myself thinking of a well-known phrase while packing music accessories at my day gig and thought about what it would be like to be an innocent, not know what it meant. I imagined my Grandfather, R G Ranney, with the Army Air Corps stationed in England during WWI, may have had an adventure before coming back to the states.
All New Minor Swing: My brother-in-law, Tom Murphy, introduced me to the music of David Grisman/Tony Rice. Their acoustic swing was inspiring and this tune pays homage to them, Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli.
My Time to Fly: I am a huge fan of William Gibson, having read his novel, Neuromancer countless times. This lyric is an adaptation.